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As a Cub Scout, you have a chance to earn four badges - Tiger Cub, Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear. A Cub may also have gotten some arrow points and Progress Toward Ranks beads.

But in Webelos Scouting, a Webelos Scout can earn 22 badges! First, there are 20 activity badges. A Webelos Scout can earn all 20 or as many as he likes. To assist the Webelos Scout along the road towards earning his Activity Badges, the Compass Points emblem is awarded as an incentive.

Activity badges are metal emblems that are pinned on the Webelos cap or "Webelos colors". A Webelos Scout can earn them by completing the requirements during den meetings and at home.

Some activity badges are for sports like swimming and boating, baseball and basketball. Others are for crafts. Still others are earned by exploring careers like engineering and Geology. Most of the activity badges will help you prepare to become a Boy Scout.

The 20 activity badges are shown here. Notice that they are in groups. For the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award, you must earn certain badges. Be sure to check which ones you need when you start working on the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award.

The twenty Activity Badges are divided into five groups of four activities each. The Groups and Activities are illustrated in the menu to the left.

Optional Awards