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Each year Pack 152 does a fundraiser in the fall, shortly after the start of the school year. Historically we have sold a variety of items, such as BSA popcorn, Usinger Sausage, Racine Kringle, Berres Brothers Coffee, and a favorite of many, Holiday Wreaths! We ask each scout to participate to offset the costs of running the pack. If each scout participates and rasies an average of approximately $400, there is no out of pocket expense to you as a parent to have your scout be a part of our pack. While this seems like a high number, many of our scouts have found that this is easily attainable with just a few hours of selling, and it is not uncommon to have scouts exceeding $1000 in sales. Details on the specific dates will be provided toward the beginning of the school year, but as far as a general timeline we typicallly see the following:

  • Mid September - Fundraising packets are delivered by the Fundraising Coordinator. Selling starts on a specified date.
  • Early-Mid October - Sales end and order forms are returned to the Fundraising Coordinator.
  • Mid November - Product arrives and is picked up by each family during a designated pickup time.
  • End November - Money due to Fundraising Coordinator.(One check, made out to Pack 152)

Where does the money go?

Our pack is 100% volunteer, so we do not have any overhead of salaries to pay. Our committee always looks to keep expenses down wherever possible by utilizing meeting sites that are no-cost. There are still a number of expenses needed in order to successfully run our pack such as what is shown below as an example.

BSA Registration $45
Neckerchief $10
Summer Picnic $10
Badges/Pins $25
Pack Meetings $25
Blue and Gold Banquet $20
Pinewood Derby $15
Den Expenses $10
Total $160

Scout Accounts

We will be keeping track of how much each scout sells over the amount needed to cover their dues. That amount will be tracked and available for each scout to use to participate in other scout events such as Eagles Nest, Fall & Winter campouts, Summer camp, etc. Any funds not used can be tranfered to Scouts BSA if they move on. If they do not advance to Boy Scouts, the Pack keeps the funds to use as needed. If scout doesn't raise enough to cover the dues, parents will need to pay the difference.

What if I don't want to participate?

If you prefer not to participate, we will need you to make a payment to the pack to cover the cost of your scout's expenses.

This would also mean your scout would not have a balance in their scout account, and you would be responsible for making any payments at the time of registering for an event.

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Online Advancement Tracking

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