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General Information About Troop 26



  • Year Established: 1934

  • Chartered Organization: Big Bend / Vernon Volunteer Fire Department


  • Verify meeting dates and times with the current troop calendar.

  • General Troop Meetings: Every Tuesday except the first Tuesday of the month, 7:00pm - 8:30pm during the entire year including the summer.

  • PLC Planning Meetings (youth leader and adult leader planning meeting): The first Tuesday of each month 7:00pm - 7:30pm.

  • Troop Committee Meetings (adult leader meeting): The first Tuesday of each month 7:30pm - 8:30pm. All committee members and parents are encouraged to attend.

  • Meeting Location: Big Bend/Vernon Lion's Clubhouse, Big Bend.


  • Class A: Is to be worn to troop meetings during school months. It is also to be worn to outings, activities and events unless directed differently by the scoutmaster. Any time scout related travel in a vehicle occurs; the class A uniform must be worn.

  • Official BSA tan button up scout shirt with appropriate patches affixed.

  • Official BSA green shorts or pants, socks, belt and hat are preferred.

  • Denim or solid color shorts, pants, socks and belt in good taste are acceptable.

  • At special events and award ceremonies such as Courts of Honor, scouts should also wear their troop neckerchief with slide and sash.


  • Class B: May be worn to troop meetings during non school summer months or as directed by the scoutmaster. 

  • Official Troop 26 t-shirt.

  • Denim or solid color shorts or pants.


  • Scouts advance at their own pace in the scouting programs.  Scouts may work on any requirement at any time.  They must earn each rank in order.  There is a 4-part step to advancing in rank.

  • The Scout learns the skill

  • The Scout is tested

  • The Scout is reviewed

  • The Scout is recognized

Merit Badges:

  • Merit Badges are a crucial part of advancing in the scouting program.  Merit Badges are required for advancing past the rank of First Class.  Merit Badges may be worked on at any time and they are awarded at Courts of Honor. 

Courts of Honor:

  • Each time a scout advances in rank, he will be recognized at a Court of Honor.  These are held 2-3 times each year in order to recognize those scouts who are advancing.  Scouts, parents and family members are encouraged to attend. These are formal troop activities and food is usually served.

Troop Leaders:

  • Troop 26 will provide appropriately trained leaders for all activities. All parents are encouraged to take an active role in leadership of the troop and troop activities. Any parent who wishes to attend an activity is welcome.


  • There is a yearly nominal registration fee paid to the Boy Scouts of America by each scout.

  • There is a yearly nominal troop fee paid to Troop 26 by each scout.

  • Family participation in the Boy Scouts of America yearly Friends of Scouting campaign is encouraged.

  • Outings, events, camps etc. may have additional fees for scout participation.

  • Parents should be aware of the activities their scout has signed up for to ensure that the scout can financially commit to attend. 

  • Participation in scouting is encouraged and there are monies available from different organizations for scouts in financial need. If you have a financial need please talk to the scoutmaster or the Potawatomi Area Council.


  • The troop conducts a Christmas wreath sale fundraiser in the months of October, November and December.

  • Scouts are expected to individually sell product, pick the product up from the drop off point, deliver to customers and collect money. 50% of the profits from the scoutís individual sales go into the scouts individual scout account and 50% goes to the troopís general operating fund.

  • The troop also sells product at the Corner Market in Big Bend during the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving. Scouts are expected to participate. Profits from this sale go entirely into the troopís operating fund.

  • There may be additional fundraisers.

 Scout Account:

  • Each scout has their own scout account.

  • Scouts earned fundraising profits are automatically put into their account. The money in the account may be used for scout related fees and costs as approved by the scoutmaster or committee chairman.

  • Scout accounts are administered by the troop treasurer.

  • Any money left in the scoutís account when he leaves the troop will be placed in the general troop account.

 Troop Obligations to Community Service:

  • Road clean up from Big Bend Elementary School north to the I-43 interchange; 3-4 times each year.

  • Help at the Big Bend/Vernon Lions Club BOLD canoe outing in September.

  • Help at the Big Bend/Vernon Volunteer Fire Department Pancake Breakfast in October.

  • Help at the Big Bend/Vernon Lions Club annual Chicken Dinner in February.

  • Scouting for Food, food drive in March.

 Troop Website:

  • The Troop 26 website is used to share troop information, news, pictures and calendar events with troop scouts as well as a tool for recruiting prospective scouts and leaders.

  • Website address:


Famous Eagle Scouts


Donald Rumsfeld

Secretary of Defense.


Sam Walton

Founder, Wal-Mart.


Bill Gates, Sr.

CEO of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, father of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.


Michael F. Moore

Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker


Michael Surbaugh
Chief Scout Executive, Boy Scouts of America


"I am committed to continuing the legacy of leadership to solidify Scoutingís role in the development of Americaís youth."


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