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BSA Troop 16, Celebrating 50 Years

Sponsored by St John's Lutheran Church,20275 Davidson Rd. - Brookfield, WI 53045

The primary goal of this site is to be a resource for Troop 16 parents and scouts. We want you to get the most out of scouting by ensuring you are aware of all Troop 16 activities and opportunities.

Update Oct    8, 2019  - Added T16 October 2019 News

Update Oct    4, 2019  - Added 2019 Wreath Info

Update Sept 25, 2019  - Added Permissions Slips

Update Sept 11, 2019  - Added Permissions Slips; News

Update Sept  3, 2019  - Added Permissions Slips

Update Aug 18, 2019  - Added Permissions Slips

                                        Eagle Projects PSs, Golf MB Clinic, 

                                        Jam-O-Ree PS, PAC Fall Camporee

Update Aug   5, 2019  - Added T16 August 2019 News

Update July  21, 2019  - Added T16 July 2019 News

Visit our Meeting Planners for the weekly troop meeting agendas.

Visit our Permission Slips for the permission slips of upcoming troop events.

Important- We require that scouts complete the 'Scout Code of Conduct' and adults attending scout functions complete the 'Adult Code of Conduct' on an annual basis.  In order to simplify this process a new 'Codes of Conduct Acknowledgement' contact form may be used to acknowledge agreement electronically.  Please review the appropriate forms in ‘Documents’ and complete the 'Acknowledgement' for each scout and participating adult in your family on an annual basis.

Camp Long Lake (CLL) will grow as more information becomes available.

Upcoming events can be found on the rolling two month calendar or you can download the events for the scouting year.

Check the 'Animated Knot Tying' on the Links tab.

Come back often, the site is updated frequently.

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St. John's Lutheran Church - 20275 Davidson Rd. - Brookfield, WI 53045