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Contact Watertown Pack 43

Pack 43 of Watertown, Wisconsin is led by Cubmaster Robin Pirkel, who can be reached at home at (920) 206-9123 or via email at "jpirks AT att.net". She is assisted by individual den leaders, each of whom manages one den of Cub Scouts (Tiger - 1st, Wolf - 2nd, Bear - 3rd, Webelos - 4th/5th). Other parent volunteers (such as your humble web designer) are also encouraged to help when they can.

Web Designer Contact

To correct spelling or layout errors, or if you are a leader in Pack 43 and wish to update content, please contact Jonathan Lampe, who can be reached at home at (920) 390-2061 or via email at "jonathan.lampe AT charter.net".

Individual Den Contacts

For individual Den contacts, please see the "Dens" page.

How to Join Cub Scouts

New Cub Scouts are encouraged to join in spring (after dens have done their rank advancement projects) or early fall (before dens typically have completed many of their rank advancement projects).

The elementary school grade of a new Scout is usually used to determine which rank that Scout will work toward next. For example, a new Scout entering the third grade would work with his peers toward the rank of Bear Scout and would not be asked to "go back" and earn his Tiger (1st grade) or Wolf (2nd grade) ranks first.

Please contact Cubmaster Robin Pirkel today for more information.

About the Pack 43 Organization

Like other Cub Scout packs, Pack 43 is part of a larger Scouting community. Currently there are three other Cub Scout packs in Watertown, Wisconsin (each chartered by one of the three public schools) and four Boy Scout troops for older boys. Pack 43 and these other packs and troops are members of the Sunset Waters District of the Potawatomi Area Council, a National Centennial Quality Council headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

The pack collects a small fee (about $30) for dues each year, but this fee is waived for need. The pack's major fundraiser is a popcorn sale held every fall.

"http://www.pacunits.org/43" is the official web site of Watertown, Wisconsin Cub Scouts Pack 43