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Watertown, Wisconsin Cub Scouts Pack 43 (Catholic Schools)

Welcome to the Pack 43 Cub Scout community. Our pack is chartered by St. Bernard's and St. Henry's Catholic elementary schools in Watertown, Wisconsin, but boys of any religion or school are welcome!

About Pack 43 Cub Scouting

Cub Scouts is for boys in first through fifth grades, but Tiger Scouts (our youngest rank) often get started in late kindergarten. The Cub Scout mission is "Fun With A Purpose" and Pack 43 pursues this mission in a family-centered environment.

Most of our meetings are held after school or early evening in St. Henry's cafeteria and activities are designed to include siblings whenever possible, making us a convenient option for busy families.

The "scouting handbook" is a key guide for our Cub Scouts as they learn cooperation, master new skills, gain confidence and have fun! One week our scouts may try out tools that will help them in the famous Pinewood Derby, in the less famous Raingutter Regata or to build a birdhouse for a grandparent. The next week they might play a game that involves 15 boys, a ball, a chair and a whole lot of jumping and shouting.

What To Expect At a Meeting

The average pack meeting takes about one hour. It starts with the Pledge of Allegiance, presentation of "the colors" (flags) by one of the dens and a prayer. Awards for previous achievements are given, den reports are made and announcements (often for parents) are made while all are sitting still. A large group game or other activity usually takes up the remainder of the meeting (this is a time when siblings are often allowed to participate). The meeting concludes by retiring the colors, usually after a group song or two.

The average den meeting also takes about one hour but is more focused on completing a specific set of connected activities that help each scout progress toward the next rank. Common sets involve safety, nature, health, woodworking and sports.

Special activity meetings such as the Pinewood Derby or summertime camps are held throughout the year and often invoke teamwork and sportmanship, as well as the thrill of seeing hard work pay off.

Meeting Dress

Typical meeting uniform dress consists of a blue or tan (Webelos) scout shirt, neckerchief and slide, scout belt and regular pants or jeans. Belt loop achievements for sports and academics are worn on the scout belt and other awards and rank progress awards are worn on the scout shirt. Many scouts wear a red vest with their activity patches sewn on.

Religious Connections

Boy Scouts sponsors over a dozen different, optional religious emblems that Scouts and their families pursue outside of den or pack meetings and with the help of their church. Many Pack 43 scouts have pursued the "Light of Christ" (for younger Catholic scouts) or the "Parvuli Dei" (for older Catholic scouts), but Scouts of any faith are welcome at all meetings and welcome to pursue their own religious emblems or none at all.

Many meetings take place inside a Catholic elementary school and brief prayers are often part of the meeting. Mass and other Catholic religious ceremonies are not part of any den or pack meeting.

"http://www.pacunits.org/43" is the official web site of Watertown, Wisconsin Cub Scouts Pack 43