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Now that your boy is a Bear Cub Scout he can still have lots of fun with his Bear Book! Baloo has electives for him too. Tons of 'em! Electives are not like achievements. A boy can pick any requirement he likes from the electives and do it. When he has completed 10 elective requirements he has earned his first arrow point, a gold one. After earning a Gold Arrow Point, he may complete 10 more requirements to earn a Silver Arrow Point. A Bear Cub Scout may wear as many Silver Arrow Points as he can earn under your Bear badge. Details regarding the completion of the Bear electives can be found in the BSA Cub Scout Bear Handook starting on page 180 (BSA No. 33451, 2003.)

When working on the achievements to earn his Bear badge, you may have seen some requirements you wanted to try but didn't. Now you can review the Achievements section of your Bear Book with your boy and use any requirement he did not count toward his Bear badge. These achievement requirements now follow the same rules as the elective requirements. Each one is a separate project. You can mix requirements from electives and unused achievements in any manner to get the ten you need for each arrow point.

A Bear Cub Scout may earn arrow points from the Big Bear Cub Scout Book until he becomes a Webelos Scout.

Remember this important rule: If a boy completed an achievement requirement to earn his Bear badge, he cannot use it again to earn arrow points. But there are lots more.

The Gold Arrow Point is worn 3/4" below and centered under the Wolf rank badge. Silver Arrow Points are worn in rows of two below, centered, and touching the Gold Arrow Point or previously earned Silver Arrow Points for the Wolf rank.
Optional Awards