Need a Unit Website?  

Can others surf the web and find all the neat things your unit is doing?

A unit website is an excellent way to inform the public about what you are doing, your accomplishments, attract members, and provide information such as calendars and reminders to your current members.

The Potawatomi Area Council has arranged for no-cost hosting for unit websites at the same server location as the official Council website,

Some units may already have websites hosted by the dialup provider of one of their members, however this opportunity provides an easy-to-remember location, more space than most ‘included’ ISP websites, and is also easier to hand off to another person if the person maintaining the site leaves the unit or changes service providers.  


  • A username and password for uploading files.
  • Use of a WEBCAL calendar, if you wish.  WEBCAL provides a calendar for your site, and allows adding events to the calendar or making other changes with a standard web browser, username, and password.  It’s not necessary to create and upload pages to change your calendar.  Items in the calendar can be links to other pages in your website.
  • An email address that will forward from your page to a ‘real’ existing address, or can be picked up with a POP3 email client.  It is best to not put a ‘real’ email address on a web page as it can attract junk email.  A forwarding address can be changed if this becomes a problem.
  • CGI scripts are available for fill-in-form type applications.  User-written scripts will not normally be allowed.
  • Units will be expected to create their pages in a manner that conforms to Scouting and Youth Protection guidelines.

For information, call Gary Breuckman at
414-442-4279, or send email here