Wish List

There's a lot of background stuff the troop needs to run its program. Sometimes these needs include larger items that the troop saves for. Others are smaller and often get purchased as needed, when needed from moneies collected by troop operations (such as the 5% the troop keeps from fundraisers).

But you can help! Donate towards one of the larger purchases. Pick something small from the list and buying it for the troop. Your donations help the troop meet its needs and give our Scouts a fabulous experience.

List Updated: 5/8/18

Large Equipment
(Will accept donations towards these items, but the troop will select and order them.)



Small Equipment

Patrol Boxes (see the Quartermaster or the QM JASM for details on what these contain)

2-Burner Propane Stoves


Other Needs

(to be determined)