Information for Transitioning Webelos

Frequently Asked Questions about Troop 4

The worst situation seems to be when the Webelos II Den has run out of activities for their den meetings and doesn't hold them on a regular basis. This usually occurs in the January - March time frame. The problem is that the boys get bored and/or start to fill their schedules with other activities and start to lose contact with scouts.

On the flip side, the Webelos II boys are still a great resource for the Packs and still have several fun things to do with their packs, such as the Pinewood Derby, the Blue and Gold Dinner, and the Crossover ceremony.

What we want is for a smooth transition for the boys without their missing out on anything. We recommend a Webelos Transition similar to this:

  1. While the Webelos II Den is still actively working on badges and advancement requirements, they should stay in the Den and help the others progress.
  2. As the Webelos II Den gets ready to wind down, those boys who have earned their Arrow of Light (it doesn't have to be awarded only earned) or are already eleven should choose the Boy Scout Troop they want to join. They can attend troop meetings to get a feel for the Troop and the scouts in the Troop without actively joining the troop (though they wouldn't be able to go on any outings).
  3. Once they are sure which Troop they want to join, and are eligible (are eleven, have completed the Arrow of Light, or completed the fifth grade), they should actually join that Troop. This means completing the application paperwork and paying any fees and dues (these amounts vary by Troop). They are then considered a member of the Troop and can start participating in all troop activities, including outings.
    Even though they have now joined the Troop, they would still wear the blue shoulder loops since they have not participated in a crossover ceremony. Effectively, they'll be members of both the Troop and the Pack. So they can still attend Pack activities, such as Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold, and Crossover.

The intent is to give the Transitioning Webelos the best of both worlds. They get a jump on their Boy Scout requirements and start to learn how the Troop works yet still get to enjoy the last bit of Cub Scouts. For some, this transition starts in February or March, for others it's January. It really depends on the boy, the Webelos II Den and the Pack -- not the Troop.

If the Webelos II boy is not eleven or hasn't earned their Arrow of Light, technically these boys are not supposed to join a Boy Scout Troop until they complete 5th grade. From a practical standpoint, they can still attend troop meetings as a guest until the Pack's Crossover ceremony, which marks the last Cub Scout activity. Nearly all Troops consider this point to be the equivalent of completing 5th grade although the Troop and Pack should talk to make sure the boy is ready. While a Webelos II is attending troop meetings as a guest, they won't be able to participate in outings. But as most boys who fall into this group are ten, they usually aren't ready to go on Boy Scout outings.

What about recharter? There is sometimes a gap between when Packs recharter and when Troops recharter. For insurance reasons, a boy must be in either a Pack or a Troop when participating in activities. Boys who are eligible should join the Troop BEFORE their Pack's recharter time. Those ineligible, should recharter with the Pack and will be transferred into the Troop when they are eligible to join. Fees associated with recharter that are paid to the Council don't matter if its Pack or Troop. Activity fees stay within the Pack. Talk to your Pack about only paying the recharter fee as the boy will be moving onto Boy Scouts when he's able to.

What about Fundraising?

In Troop 4, we encourage Webelos II boys who are going to continuing into Boy Scouting to participate with Troop 4 in the fall and spring fundraising activity (not the popcorn sale as that funds the Pack). For the last few years, we've been selling wreaths.

Webelos II boys who wish, can sell wreaths with Troop 4 to get a jump start on their Scout Accounts (a way for scouts to earn money to pay for activities). When the Webelos II boy then joins Troop 4, they already have earned some of their dues, joining fee, outing costs and/or even summer camp.

Above it is mentioned that Webelos II should sell popcorn for their Pack. This is because a Pack's budget is funded through their popcorn sale. Some Packs allow for a portion of the Webelos II's popcorn profits, over the needs of the Pack, to be transferred to the Troop. Consult your Pack for their policy. We encourage Webelos II boys to sell popcorn for their Pack and only if they have the time or inclination would they participate in the Troop 4 wreath sale.