What to Pack?
Week Long Summer Camp

Wear your Class A Uniform for Sunday's Check-in

Check your Boy Scout Handbook for more detailed information.

Required Forms

bullet Medical Form
bullet Medication Form & Medication

Clothing & Personal Gear MUST be tagged with the Scout's Name.

bullet Class A Uniform
bullet Troop Activity Shirt
bullet Scout Neckerchief & Slide
bullet OA Sash (if applicable)
bullet Sweater or Sweat Shirt
bullet Jacket or Windbreaker
bullet 6 Pairs of Socks - Change Daily!
bullet 6 Pairs of Underwear - Change Daily!
bullet 6 T-shirts
bullet 1 Pair of Jeans or Long Pants
bullet 2 Pairs of Shorts
bullet Belt
bullet Handkerchiefs
bullet Swimming Trunks & Beach Towel
bullet Sneakers / Gym Shoes (1 Pair to Wear and 1 Pair for Spare)
bullet Hiking Boots
bullet Thongs or Shower Shoes
bullet Poncho or Rainsuit
bullet Pajamas / Sleepwear
bullet Hat

Personal Toiletries

bullet Soap (in Plastic Case / Bag)
bullet Shampoo (Small Bottle)
bullet Washcloth & 2 Towels
bullet Dental Floss
bullet Toothbrush & Toothpaste
bullet Comb / Brush
bullet Laundry Bag
bullet Metal Mirror (non-glass)
bullet Insect Repellant (non-aerosol only)
bullet Sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher)
bullet Kleenex / Tissues

Required Gear

bullet Sleeping Bag or 2 Warm Blankets
bullet Pillow
bullet Backpack or Duffle Bag
bullet Mess Kit (plate, knife, fork & spoon)
bullet Drinking Cup (plastic)
bullet Flashlight & Extra Batteries
bullet Canteen or Water Bottle

Optional Gear

bullet Compass
bullet Air Mattress / Sleeping Pad
bullet Fanny Pack / Day Pack
bullet Cord / Rope / Clothes Pins


bullet Scout Handbook (a must)
bullet Pen or Pencil (a must)
bullet Note Pad or Paper (a must)
bullet Wristwatch
bullet Alarm Clock
bullet Camera & Film
bullet Sewing Kit
bullet Scout Pocket Knife (if you have earned Totin' Chip)
bullet Fire'm Chit Card & Totin' Chip Card
bullet Spending Money
bullet Sunglasses
bullet Hiking Staff / Stave
bullet Lawn Chair or Folding Camp Stool
bullet Fishing Gear
bullet Frisbee

DO NOT BRING: Video Games, Portable Radios, Electronic Toys or Sheath Knives

DO NOT PACK SNACKS IN GEAR BAG... Raccoons, Chipmunks... Love Midnight Snacks.