What to Pack?
Fall Weekend Campout

Remember: Dress in layers that can be added or removed as the weather dictates

bullet Sleeping Bag & Mattress Pad
bullet Blankets - to add layers in case it gets colder than the sleeping bag is rated for
bullet Class A Uniform
bullet Activity Shirt
bullet Long Sleeve Shirt
bullet Long, Loose-fitting Pants - Synthetic or wool are better than cotton
bullet Extra Underwear and Socks for the day
bullet 1 Pair of Dry Socks for Sleeping In
bullet Long Underwear if you tend to be cold
bullet Pajamas / Sweat Suit
bullet Knit Scarf - good for sleeping
bullet At least one change of clothes
bullet Sweatshirt
bullet Sweater / Jacket - 1 lighter and 1 heavier
bullet Gloves - 2 pairs aren't a bad idea
bullet Hat - Stocking hat to sleep in
bullet Hooded Sweatshirt
bullet Two Pairs of Shoes
bullet Poncho or Rain Gear
bullet Flashlight - with fresh batteries
bullet Toothbrush & Toothpaste
bullet Towel, Washcloth, & Personal Soap
bullet Air Activated Hand Warmers (non fuel) - These can be put in a sock in the bag to add warmth at night
bullet Watch or Alarm Clock
bullet Plastic Bags - to put feet in if the shoes get wet or to put wet clothes into
bullet Camera and Film (optional)
bullet Canteen
bullet Suntan Lotion - Yes, it if is cold, this prevents frostbite or sunburn from snow reflection
bullet Lawn Chair
bullet Mess Kit
bullet Any Medication, Inhalers, etc - Inform leaders about all medication