Frequently Asked Questions
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What Do You Do and How Much Will it Cost?

My son's in sports and can't come to all the meetings. Can he still be in Troop 4?
Yes! We understand that as boys get older, other activities start to catch their interest. If he needs to miss the Troop Meetings for a sport season, it's ok. He can still participate in the other activities and once the sporting season is over, he can come back to the Troop Meetings.

When are Troop Meetings?
Troop Meetings are Tuesday evenings from 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Typically Troop Meetings are held the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Tuesday of the month. They are held at ETC (1915 MacArthur Road).

My son missed a Troop Meeting? Was there any information he missed that we need to know?
Important information will be posted on the Troop 4 website ( If your son missed a meeting or forgot the date of an event, the Troop newsletter and calendar are available on-line as well.

What are my responsibilities, as a parent, to the Troop?
Without parental involvement, the Troop cannot succeed. Parents are asked to participate in as many of the Scout Activities as they like. There are many leadership and mentoring roles that parents can do. We would also ask that all parents chaperone at least one outing a year.

Troop Fees

New Member Fee - $35
When your son joins Troop 4, there is a $35 New Member Fee. This fee is used to provide items the scout needs and to save you a trip to the Scout Office to purchase them. This fee covers:
-- Boy Scout Handbook
-- Scarf
-- Troop Numbers
-- Patrol Patch
-- Shoulder Loops
-- A Troop T-shirt

Yearly Dues - $60
Yearly dues are $60 per year. These dues cover the cost of running the Troop. Things like achievement awards, activity badges, Boy's Life magazine, and yearly registration fees are paid for from these dues.

How much will I owe if my son joins tonight?
$95. This is the $35 New Member Fee plus their yearly dues of $60.

Don't Boy Scouts go camping a lot? How is that paid for?
Yes, outings can occur as regularly as once a month. Plus there's Summer Camp in the summer. Boys can either pay for this outright, or they can earn money fundraising to pay for the outings. Troop 4 will hold at least one fundraiser a year (a wreath sale in September/October) so the boys can earn money for outings. These Scout Accounts can also be used to pay dues.

How much does Summer Camp cost?
Summer Camp (at Camp Long Lake in Dundee, Wisconsin) costs about $305 for the week, that includes meals.

We missed the fall wreath sale. Is there anyway to fundraise for my son?
Yes. Troop 4 will also hold a spring fundraiser in addition to the fall wreath sale.

Is financial assistance available?
Yes. Families that qualify can obtain financial assistance. See the Scoutmaster for details.