Troop 4 Newsletter

Waukesha Unit Service Area - Potawatomi Area Council Volume 13 - Issue 3 March 2016

Upcoming Events

March 2016
1 PLC Meeting 6:30 pm
2 Roundtable 7 pm
5 P163 Winter Event
6 NYLT Ice Cream Social
8 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
13 Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
15 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
17 P89 Pinewood Derby 5 pm
17 P22 Crossover 6:30 pm
18-20 March Outing
19 Scouting for Food 9 am
20 Swim Test 1 pm
20 P13 Pinewood Derby 12 pm
22 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm

April 2016
5 PLC Meeting 6:30 pm
6 Roundtable 7 pm
8 Discover Scuba 8 pm
10 ILST 1 - 5 pm
10 Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
12 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
16 Highway Cleanup
16 P410 Pinewood Derby
19 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
22-24 OA Section Conclave
26 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
29-May 1... Troop Shoot
30 Baloo

May 2016
3 PLC Meeting 6:30 pm
4 Roundtable 7 pm
8 Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
10 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
17 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
20-22 OA Spring Conference
24 Troop Meeting 6:30 - 8 pm
31 Highway Cleanup 6:30 pm

March Outing
March 18-20, 2016

It’s a fun packed weekend! Friday is Archery at Buck Rub followed by camping behind ETC. Saturday is Scouting for Food pickup and getting ready for the summer camping season. Sunday is the swimming pre-test at the Pabst Farms YMCA! Permission Slips are available.

Scouting for Food
March 19, 2016

We are working with Pack 163 again. They are putting the bags out, we’ll be collecting the food and taking it to the food pantry.

If you’re not going on the outing, please be at ETC by 9 am. We will need adult drivers (maps and routes provided), scouts to go with to pick up the food from houses, and scouts at ETC to sort, box the food, and load the van. Finally, some to help unload the food at the Food Pantry of Waukesha. With the great group of scouts and parents in the troop, we should be done before noon.

Troop Shoot
April 29 - May 1, 2016

Permission slips are out! This event fills fast because it is a BLAST (almost literally). Scouts too young to participate in the troop shoot will work on scouting skills.

Summer Camp
June 26 - July 2, 2016

No, it’s not too early to be thinking about summer camp! Permission slips are out! Merit Badge signup forms are out.

PARENTS: To participate in Summer Camp, scouts must have a Class C (the doctor signed part) of the medical form signed within 12 months of camp. For a Class C form to qualify, it must have been signed (AND DATED BY THE DOCTOR) after June 1, 2015. Please when you get the doctor to sign, the date must be the date they reviewed/signed the form not the examination date. This has been a problem in the past with doctors only writing the date of the last exam rather than the date they reviewed/signed the form.

Also, Camp Long Lake would like to have as many medical forms turned in ahead of camp as possible. PLEASE get your forms to Liz by June 7th so she can get them sent to camp ahead of our arrival. This will make check-in go much easier.

Spring Fundraiser

Did you just crossover? Joined too late for the fall fundraiser? Want to go on ALL the outings and need some more funds in your scout account? That’s ok! We’ve got a fundraiser coming up.

Watch for more information as we participate in the Council’s spring popcorn sale and also have our own kringle sale. There is plenty of opportunity to earn more money for your scout account.

Troop Elections
March 22, 2016

We’ll be electing the SPL and then the Patrol Leaders at the March 22 troop meeting. OA elections will also happen that night. If you want to run, make sure you are at the March 15 meeting (for campaign speeches) and at the March 22 election night.

ILST - Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops - will be held April 10th.


Sam D
Tim S
Tyler V
Dylan W
Mike R
Nate S

Discover Scuba
April 8, 2016

We have 12 slots reserved for Scuba on April 8th, 8-11 pm. Spots are on a first-come, first served basis.

Pinewood Derbies

The packs like how we run their Pinewood Derbies so much, they keep asking us back!

Upcoming Pinewood Derbies:
March 17 - P89 - 5pm at Heyer Elementary
March 20 - P13 - Location TBA (Pewaukee)
April 16 - P410 - Location TBA (Waukesha)
TBA - Montesorri Re-do


These events are important because this is our first welcoming of the Webelos who are joining the troop.

March 17 - Pack 22

Service Opportunities Coming Up

With the update to the Boy Scout program going into effect on January 1, the service requirements have been expanded. Here are the upcoming service opportunities in the Troop:

March 19 - Scouting for Food
April 16 - Highway Clean Up

Boy Scout Advancement Updates

Staring January 1, 2016, the Boy Scout rank requirements have been updated. Crossover scouts joining the troop after January 1 must use the new requirements.

Scouts already in the troop and working on Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class may continue on the old requirements through First Class until the end of December. Once they reach First Class, or if they have not finished by December 31, they must switch to the new requirements.

Scouts working on Star, Life and Eagle may finish their current rank with the old requirements until the end of December. Once they reach that rank, or if they have not finished by December 31, they must switch to the new requirements.

Philmont 2016
August 7, 2016 for 12-Days!

Practice hikes & shakedowns will be starting soon. Watch your email for dates/times from Mr. Landquist and Mr. Anderson.

March’s Quiz

  1. “Read Across America Day”, March 2, coincides with the birthday of what children’s author?
  2. What 1963 Epic Elizabeth Taylor film included 79 sets and 26,000 costumes?
  3. After Alaska, what is the largest state in area without a major league baseball team?

February’s Answers: 1) The Lincoln Memorial. 2) Old King Cole. 3) The Green Bay Packers.

Troop Leadership

Committee - Chair
Boni Danner - Chairperson - 542-7002
Liz Danner - Treasurer / Secretary / Web - 574-1140
Jim Anderson - ASM Outings
Matt Danner - ASM Equipment
Karen Anderson - Fundraising
Dean Danner - ASM Advancement
Brian Hagerstrand - Pack Liaison
Bob Grubb - Charter Org. Rep
Jim Voigt
Randy Thomas
Jenny Landquist

Rob Landquist
- Scoutmaster - 262-290-3291

Marie Hagerstrand Asst. Scoutmaster
Tony Hwilka Asst. Scoutmaster
Joe Zomchek Asst. Scoutmaster

Youth Leadership - PLC
SPL - Sean W
ASPL - Ethan P
PL (Bionic Ninjas) - Jared L
PL (Balzing Eagles) - Tyler V
PL (Rambunctious Raccoons) - Kamreon A

Charter Organizations
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
esitec, llc

Please contact Liz Danner with items and/or corrections for the newsletter.

Committee Meeting

Next Committee Meeting:
March 13, 2016
April 10, 2016

Next Round Table:
April 6, 2016 - 7 pm @ St. John Lutheran, Brookfield

Drop Offs

Anything that is due to the Troop can be dropped off at ETC to Liz or Dean Danner's attention weekdays 8 am - 4:30 pm.

Mailing List

Keep up to date on what's happening in the troop! Subscribe to the Troop 4 mailing list. Send an email to Liz Danner with subscribe scout-troop4 in the body of the message.