Troop 4 Newsletter

Waukesha Unit Service Area - Potawatomi Area Council Volume 16 - Issue 1 January 2019

Upcoming Events

January 2019
5... Wood Badge Breakfast
8... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
9... NYLT Call to Staff
12... Winter Blast
13... Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
15... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
18... P163 Pinewood Derby
18-19... January Overnight
22... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
29... Troop Game Night 6:30 pm

February 2019
2... Court of Honor
5... PLC Meeting 6:30 pm
6... Roundtable 7 pm
9... P30 Pinewood Derby 8:15a
10... Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
12... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
15-17... Cabin Camp
16... Rotary Pancake Festival
19... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
26... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm

March 2019
5... PLC Meeting 6:30 pm
6... Roundtable 7 pm
10... NYLT Ice Cream Social
10... Committee Meeting 6:30 pm
12... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
15-17... March Outing
19... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm
26... Troop Meeting 6:30 pm

Winter Blast
January 12, 2019

Help Cub Scouts work on their adventures at the Council’s Winter Blast at Sussex/Hamilton High School! The troop will be running one of the adventures. This counts as service! Sign up now!

Helium Overnight
January 18-19, 2019

Pizza, an evening snack, and light breakfast will be proved on a night of bouncing around and having fun at Helium Trampoline Park in New Berlin.

Meet @ Helium Friday, January 18 at 7:45 pm -- Pick up from Helium Saturday, January 19 at 8 am
Cost: $47

We need adults to chaperone -- if you’re not jumping, the cost is free. Permission Slips are available.

P163 Pinewood Derby
January 18, 2019

It’s the first Pinewood Derby we’re running of the year. Come support the cub scouts, earn advancement, and show off Scouts BSA !

Bethesda Elementary School - meet there at 5:45 pm for set up.

Court of Honor
February 2, 2019

It’s time to recognize the achievements of the scouts from the last half of 2018. Save the date! Watch for sign-ups for you and what food to bring.

February 2, 2019

As part of the Court of Honor we’ll hold our annual Friends of Scouting presentation. Friends of Scouting goes to support the Potowatomi Area Council and the program support that they give to the troop -- such as professional assistance, Camp Long Lake, council-run fundraisers, activities like NovaCon and much more.

Ahead of the Court of Honor we will run a “pre-campaign” -- watch for more information in January.

February Cabin Camp
February 15-17, 2019

We’re spending a weekend at Indian Mound Reservation having fun outside and helping P163 with their winter outing! There will be INDOOR and OUTDOOR activities -- dress appropriately. If you plan on sledding, you MUST have a helmet.

Space is limited to 16 people (scouts & adults) so sign up as soon as possible.

Cost: $35 / person.


Artie K
Christopher R
Paul V

Summer Camp 2019
June 23-29, 2019

No, it’s not too early to be thinking about Summer Camp for next summer. Mark the dates on your calendars. It’s a fun week for all.

The Camp Long Lake Chili Supper will be February 21 -- our SPL and Scoutmaster will attend to find out what’s new with camp this year (expect there to be a lot more sunny sites).

Early Bird pricing for Summer Camp looks to be $305. Permission slips will be coming out in January with the Early Bird deadline February 26. Start thinking about what Merit Badges you want to take as well -- remember some have pre-requisites and additional fees associated with them.

NYLT 2019
June 9-14, 2019

Have you taken NYLT and want to staff? Call to Staff is January 9, 2019 at the Council Service Center starting at 6:30 pm.

Want to learn more about leadership? Want to spend a week putting those skills into practice? NYLT is for you! Participants MUST be First Class AND 14 (or 13 and have completed the 8th grade). For 2019 only, female Scouts BSA members will be exempt from the First Class requirement.

The NYLT Ice Cream Social -- where you can get more information about NYLT and sign up -- will be March 10, 2019.

Upcoming Outings & Events:

Watch for Pinewood Derby opportunities!

Got Advancement?

Looking to have requirements signed off? Remember, it’s up to you to seek out a scout First Class or Above to test and sign off on your requirements. Once they’ve dated and initialed your advancement sheet, drop it in the box and it will get recorded in Scoutbook. Not in the box or without the initials of whoever signed it off? It doesn’t get recorded.

What about Merit Badges? Once you decide you want to work on a badge, fill out a Blue Card and take it to Mr. Landquist to sign off. He’ll also help you find merit badge counselors. Having issues contacting a counselor? Let Mr. Landquist know so he can help find another counselor.

January’s Quiz

  1. Who received the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901?
  2. On New Year’s Day in 1801, who (she) opened the Executive Mansion to visitors for the first time?
  3. Which country’s flag has features a broken trident?

December’s Answers: 1) Greece. 2) Paraffin. 3) A computer. Bonus: The year was 1978.

Troop Leadership

Committee - Chair
Boni Danner - Chairperson - 542-7002
Liz Danner - Treasurer / Secretary / Web - 574-1140
Jim Anderson - ASM Outings
Matt Danner - ASM Equipment
Karen Anderson - Fundraising
Dean Danner - ASM Advancement
Jim Voigt
Ryan Weaver

Rob Landquist
- Scoutmaster - 262-290-3291

Assistant Scoutmasters
Rich Kettle
Kevin Mydlowski
Heather Pautz
Nicole Peschel
Matt Schmidt
Joe Zomchek

Youth Leadership - PLC
SPL - Josh N
ASPL - Daniel T & Artie K
PL (Bionic Ninjas) - Jared L
PL (Bison Clan) - Riley S
PL (Dynamite Dragons) - Sam K
PL (Radioactive Squirrels) - Nick M
PL (Rambunctious Raccoons) - Nate S
PL (Yodeling Yaks) - Colten W

Charter Organizations
St. John Neumann Catholic Church
esitec, llc

Please contact Liz Danner with items and/or corrections for the newsletter.

Committee Meeting

Next Committee Meeting:
January 13, 2019

Next Round Table:
February 6, 2019 @ Aurora in Summit

Drop Offs

Anything that is due to the Troop can be dropped off at ETC to Liz or Boni Danner's attention weekdays 8 am - 4:30 pm.

Mailing List

Keep up to date on what's happening in the troop! Subscribe to the Troop 4 mailing list. Send an email to Liz Danner with subscribe scout-troop4 in the body of the message.

Lost & Found

Can’t find something after an outing? Check the Troop’s Lost & Found!

Items will remain in the lost & found for three months and then will be disposed of (either donated or trashed depending on the item and its condition).