Cub Scout Pack 85

Prairie Elementary School

Waukesha, WI


Bill Weier


Asst Cubmaster





A Cub Scout progresses from rank to rank, learning new skills as he goes.  Each rank and award has its own requirements.  As you advance through the ranks each requirements gets more challenging to match the new skills and abilities you learn as you get older.

A boy must earn his Bobcat badge, no matter his age or grade, before he can earn his Tiger, Wolf, Bear or Webelos.


As boys (first grade/age 7) complete steps in the five requirements for the Tiger Cub badge he will earn a bead signifying his achievement.  Orange beads for Den activities, Black for “Go See its”, and White for family activities.

A Wolf (2nd grade/age 8) will need to complete achievements before earning his Wolf badge.  After earning his Wolf badge he can work on electives and earn further recognition in form of arrow points.

Bears (third grade/age 9) must complete 12 achievements to earn the Bear badge.

Electives are also available for Bears that will earn even more arrow points

Webelos (fourth grade/age 10) offers more challenging activities for older Cub Scouts