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Pack Meeting April 19, 6:30 pm

At the April pack meeting we will be celebrating the accomplishments of all of the Scouts during our Crossover Ceremony.

Remaining Pack Meeting Dates

Remaining Planning Meeting Dates
5/3, 6/7

Upcoming Events

Sports Scout Nights

We are lucky to have many professional sporting clubs in our area, several of which offer special programs for Scouts to be able to experience a professional sporting event at an affordable price.

The Bucks are offering several Scout games;

Saturday, April 2nd at 7:30pm against the Philadelphia 76ers
(Please contact Dawn Stanislawski at dawnmski@gmail.com if interested in organizing a pack outing for this game)

Exclusive ticket prices for scouts and guests are as follows;
Upper Level – $11, reg $24 (End zone or high corner rows)
Upper Level - $21, reg $37 (Side court mid rows)
Lower Level - $31, reg $52 (End zone, corner)

Order Form Here

Family Camping - July 8-10

More info to come.

Swamp Fox Camping – Fall

More info to come.



Pinewood Derby 2011

There was an excellent turn-out for the Pinewood Derby this year! The boys were very excited and it showed in the amazing car designs we saw. The following boys took awards for their unique designs;

Most Patriotic – Jeremy Arnold, Webelos II
Most Scout Spirit – Nick Heling, Wolves
Best Toy and Game Theme – Dieter Wildt, Bear Den 1
Best Sports Theme – Brett Hulliberger, Bear Den 1
Best Food & Beverage Theme – Dominic Kania, Bear Den 1
Most Realistic – John Majewski, Bear Den 1

The cars not only looked good but raced good as well. The race results were close but four cars took the top trophies;

1st Place – Andy Wesson, Bear Den 1
2nd Place – Luke Selberg, Webelos I
3rd Place – William Larsen, Tigers
4th Place – Axel Wendelberger, Tigers

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Other positions:


Call Cubmaster Dave Muffler at 970-5955