The Astronomy Guide:  Our Universe Unveiled
Horsehead Nebula
Image Credit: NASA/courtesy of
SPD-HUBBLE-STScI-200 1-12c





Both Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts can earn various achievements by studying astronomy.


Cub Scouts

The Astronomy Belt Loop and Astronomy Pin are a part of the Academics Program available to the Cub Scouts. Involvement in the program is not required for the Cub Scouts to advance in rank. However, the program does offer many areas of interest, from Art to Wildlife Conservation.


Astronomy Belt Loop

Astronomy Pin

astronomy belt loop

Boy Scouts

The Astronomy Merit Badge is just one of the many awards available for the Boy Scouts (there are currently 128 badges). This badge is only one of the Natural Science badges, which range from Archaeology to the study of Weather.



Astronomy Merit Badge


merit badge



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