Eagles Nest Cabin Camp-out: Very similar to Swamp Fox with a 2-night stay in a cabin and organized activities for the scouts.

When: April 11,12& 13, 2014. Please arrive by 6pm Friday night as there is traditionally a bottle rocket launch that the boys take part in that evening. Please plan on having dinner prior to arriving, but there are some snacks provided later that evening at the Cracker Barrel. The majority of the organized scout activities take place throughout the day on Saturday, and that will include BB Guns, Archery, wood projects and many other fun skills. All 3 meals on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday morning will be served in the Dining Hall. People usually start heading home after breakfast and cleaning the cabin Sunday morning.

Where: (see map below) IMR (Indian Mound Reservation) at 36712 Indian Mound Rd in Oconomowoc

Cost: $40/person

Things to bring:

-Bottle rocket for Friday night's launch (search the internet for a variety of plans...a couple of suggestions are http://www.instructables.com/id/Soda-Bottle-Water-Rocket/ and http://www.e-scoutcraft.com/activities/bottle_rocket.html)

-EARPLUGS!!! If you want to sleep amongst the many people (snoring, etc), we'd highly recommend them!

-Weather appropriate clothing (raingear, etc.)


-backpack for Saturday with sunscreen, water bottle, snacks and maybe a camera

-$$: There is a concession/general store on site so some extra cash is a good idea

-Sleeping bag, pillow, “comfort item” especially for the younger scouts (the bunks have

a 3-inch vinyl-covered pad on them)

-snacks and games for your family as there will be time in the evening prior to bedtime.

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