Scout Account information:

From the Pack 26 Bylaws

    1. a)Scout Accounts

      1. i)Purpose: Scout Accounts can be used to help defer the cost of any scouting requirement at the Pack, Local Council or National level. Credit is earned through:

        1. (1)Individual sales - A percentage of the profit earned on the fundraising products sold by an individual Scout is credited to the Scout’s account.

        2. (2)Group fundraising events – Amount of participation in the group event determines the percentage of the net profit.

        3. (3)The Scout’s account is credited with his percentage, after the fundraisers are completed.

        4. (4)The percentage is reviewed and determined annually by the Pack Committee. Currently the percentage is fifty (50) percent.

      2. ii)Items that are valid for reimbursement

        1. (1)Shirt, belt, slide, required patches (Pack and den number, World Crest, Council), Pack T-shirt

        2. (2)Handbook if not provided by Pack

        3. (3)Yearly scout dues (Pack or Den)

        4. (4)Activities of Pack 26 or the Potawatomi Council

      3. iii)Requirements:

        1. (1)Scouting Accounts may only be used by scouts registered with Pack 26.

        2. (2)Participate in at least one civic and/or community service event per school year.

      4. iv)Procedures:

        1. (1)Requirement #2 must be completed before any Scout Account funds are reimbursed.

        2. (2)Fill out request for reimbursement including dollar amount, Item purchased.

        3. (3)For reimbursement of personal expenses turn in request along with receipt(s) at monthly a Pack meeting.

        4. (4)The Cubmaster in addition to the Treasurer or Committee Chair will review and approve the request.

        5. (5)Receipts are not returned but become property of Pack 26. NO RECEIPT - NO REIMBURSEMENT.

      5. v)Forfeiture:

        1. (1)If scout fails to perform Requirement #2 by the end of the school year, then scout forfeits entire balance of account to Pack 26.

        2. (2)When a Scout leaves the scouting program any funds remaining in his account are credited to the Pack general account.

        3. (3)A Scout that is removed from the Pack 26 roster and is not immediately transferring to another Pack forfeits his individual account and that money will go into the general fund of Pack 26. A Scout that is removed from the Pack 26 roster but is immediately transferring to another Pack or advances to a Boy Scout troop will retain the amount in his individual account. A check in that amount will be written to his new Pack/Troop for depositing into his new individual account or a general fund. If a Scout is transferring to another Pack/Troop that does not have individual accounts, a check in that amount will be written to the Scout’s new Pack/Troop and distributed at their discretion. Any request for deviation from the above set guidelines will be reviewed and decided upon by the Pack Committee on a case-by-case basis.