Cub Scout Pack 167 Committee

                         Descriptions of Positions


CommitteeChair – Attend once a month committee meeting and in on planning of Pack activities.  Attend roundtable once a month.

Secretary -  Take minutes of committee meetings and agenda once a month.  Work with website coordinator to get site updated.  

Treasure – Collects money and makes deposits.  Makes out a monthly treasure report for committee meetings.  Handle disbursements.  

Cub Master – Attend Pack meetings, committee meetings, roundtables.  Oversee the Pack activities.  Stop in on Den meetings or at least try to.  

Asst. Cub Master – Attend Pack meetings, committee meetings, roundtables.  Assist Cub master at pack meeting.  

Scout Recruiter – Get information out for “Join Scout Night” (spring) and “Fall Kick Off”.  Pass out fliers to all students in school.  Go into classrooms and talk about scouting to the boys.  Get information to school for Friess Lake Flyer.  

Membership and Registration – Must be at April’s Ice Cream Social and September’s Kick Off Party. Will gather registration forms and talk with prospective new scouts about joining Pack.  Keep all forms of scouts on file and collect money.  Must attend committee meetings in April, May, September and October.  Make sure forms and payments get to Council.  

Advancement and Awards – Get information from each Den on current Awards needed at committee meetings every month or by calling leaders.  Go to council and get awards and deliver to the den leaders prior to Pack meetings.  

Fundraising Coordinator – Get information out to families on our Pack fundraisers at September “Kick Off Party”.  Collect money and create report for Treasurer and coordinate prizes.  (Pocket Peelers and Pizza Hut Peelers).  

Popcorn Coordinator – Get information out to families on our Popcorn sale at September “Kick Off Party”.  Collect money, pick up and deliver popcorn, get prizes ordered, and handle Show and Sell orders.  

Event Food Coordinator – Make sure all food is purchased for all Pack events, (Pizza, Pinewood, Raingutter, Christmas and Thanksgiving, Ice Cream Social) and/or work with the den in charge of that month.  

Scouting for Food – Get group of families together to distribute bags in neighborhoods.  Pick up bags in neighborhoods, count and deliver to Food pantry (St. Boniface).  This year (2004-2005) we put bin in school and letter in Friess Lake Flyer (did not get a very good response).  Notify council of participants and counts.  

Gifts from the Heart – Get family names from Washington County , number of scouts, set up who gets who and pass out at Thanksgiving event.  Collect at Christmas event and set up delivery to families.  

Blue and Gold Coordinators(3) – This is the planning of our Packs Award Dinner.  This group will need to work together.  Coordinate meats and drinks and sign up for buffet and dish to pass, entertainment for the event and raffle and silent auction for event.  Responsible for set up and take down.  

Pinewood Derby – Set up tracks and run races and software. (Will need helpers)  

Raingutter Regatta – Set up gutters and set up brackets for dens.  Run races. (Will need helpers).  

Camping Coordinator – Set up campout with Daniel Boone and Sanitary place.  Set up agenda for camp out.

Asst. Camping Coordinator – Get fliers out and gather counts from Pack.  Purchase food.  Get craft, obstacle course items etc….  

Website Coordinator – Gather agendas for pack events and create a web layout and put on our website.  Place, times and dates… work with secretary on agenda.  

Current Status of Positions  

Committee Chair – Paul Schmidt  

Secretary – Paul Schmidt  

Treasure – MaryJo Humpal (last year – 5th gr. Webelos)  

Cub Master – Kellie Clemens (4th gr. Webelos)  

Asst. Cub Master – Open  

Scout Recruiter – Linda Wallenkamp (Bear)  

Membership and Registration – Open  

Advancement and Awards – Open  

Fundraising Coordinator – Pam Maciolek (4th gr. Webelos)  

Popcorn Coordinator – Kathy Schmidt (Last year – 5th gr. Webelos)  

Event Food Coordinator – Open  

Scouting for Food – Open  

Gifts from the Heart – Sue Gadaire (5th gr. Webelos) training Michele Stingl(Wolf)  

Blue and Gold Committee – 1.)  Food – Linda Wallenkamp (Bear)

2.)     Entertainment – Kris Woltmann (Bear)

3.)     Raffle/Silent Auction – Open  

Pinewood Derby – 1.)  Software – Open

2.)     Set up – Bruce Nelson(Bear)

3.)     Set up – Paul Schmidt(5th gr.Webelos)

4.)     Announcer – Open

5.)     Weigh In – Open  

Raingutter Regatta – 1.)  Brackets and Set up – Jeff Kreutzer(Bear)

2.)     Set up – Steve Kock(Wolf)  

Camping Coordinator – Open  

Asst. Camping Coordinator – 1.) Open

                                             2.) Open  

Website Coordinator – Paul Schmidt  

Tiger Scout Leader – Open  

Asst. Tiger Scout Leader – Open  

Wolf Leader – Steve Koch  

Asst. Wolf Leader – Open  

Bear leader – Linda Wallenkamp  

Asst. Bear Leader – Kris Woltmann  

4th Grade Webelos Leader – Kellie Clemens  

Asst. 4th Grade Webelos Leader – Mike Setterlun  

5th Grade Webelos Leader – Kathy Schmidt  

Asst. 5th Grade Webelos Leader – Paul Schmidt


Please read over and call to help make out Pack run as smoothly as possible and to help it continue into the future.

Questions about a position, call for more information.

Kellie Clemens, Paul Schmidt,MaryJo Humpal.

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