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"Every boy deserves a trained leader."

Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training is mandatory for all registered Cub Scout leaders, and should be completed prior to your first den meeting.  The training can now be complete online - follow the link above for more information.  This course must be re-taken at least every two years.

Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training

This is the new Fast Start training for Cub Scouting . This is the first step for any new volunteer and should be taken immediately after a new leader registers and before he or she meets with any youth. Take this and other courses at BSA's new online learning center.

This Is Scouting and
Cub Scout Leader Specific Training

This is a link to the Potawatomi Area Council's training schedule for the remainder of this year.  You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the flier.  This Is Scouting and Leader Specific training builds on the concepts introduced in Fast Start and is required for all leaders.

Pow Wow/Rendezvous

The annual leader's Pow Wow is a joint effort between the Potawatomi Area Council and the Milwaukee County Council.  Enjoy a fun and fact-filled day with other Scout Leaders with plenty of hands-on time with a variety of crafts, games, and ceremonies for your den and pack meetings.

This links to the registration page.  The course descriptions are about half-way down the screen.  This is a day-long event, presented "classroom" style.


Cub Scout Advancement Tracking Spreadsheets!

If you're a Microsoft Excel type of person, then these spreadsheets may be right up your alley.  Just tick off each achievement or elective as your boys complete them, and the spreadsheet will let you know when they're ready for their badge, belt loop, or arrow point.