How to Link the Pack/Den Calendar(s) to Google Calendar

This will allow the pack/den calendar to automatically show on your Google account. The process is probably similar for Apple or other systems, though I can't help with the specifics.
Warning: When events get changed, it can take some time for the Google calendar to update the event. So pay attention to those Scoutbook emails with updates!
  1. Login to Scoutbook using your credentials.

  2. Click on "My Dashboard"

  3. Click on "Pack 140" under My Units

  4. Click on "Upcoming Events"

  5. Clic k on the subscribe link for Pack 140 (or the den of your choice)

  6. Highlight and copy (Control-C) the link that appears.

  7. Log into Google on a computer (I don't believe you are able to do this on a phone directly) if you aren't already.

  8. Select the Calendar App

  9. Click the "+" to the right of "Others calendars"

  10. Select "From URL"

  11. Paste URL from Scoutbook (Control-V) and click Add Calendar

  12. Repeat the process for your den calendar as well.

Here are the calendar links if you can't get into ScoutBook:

Pack 140 Calendar :
Pack 140 Lion Den : Will be created once den is established.
Pack 140 Tiger Den :
Pack 140 Wolf Den : Will be created once den is established.
Pack 140 Bear Den :
Pack 140 Webelos Den :
Pack 140 Webelos II Den :