USA Pack 140, Poplar Creek Elementary

Pack 140 Poplar Creek Elementary

If you have any questions about the pack contact our cubmaster ( with any questions.
The easiest way to join (in September) is to fill out the online application, click here to apply online.
COVID has gotten us a little slower start than usual, but the pack will be raring to go in no-time! See below for all the updates for the 2020 school year.

See what Pack 140 has been up to! (Pre-COVID - No facemasks required!)

Pack Organization

The pack (all cub scouts at Poplar Creek) is broken up into dens, all scouts in the same grade make-up a den: The vast majority of all scouts are back from last year! Welcome back! Uncertainty in the numbers is due to not hearing affirmatively back from a few scout parents. No recruiting for the 2020 school year has taken place yet (forms and photos night, orientation night all cancelled), so these numbers will hopefully grow as we pick up a few new scouts this year. Electronic recruiting fliers to be sent to all PC students shortly.

Pack Activites

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