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January is a good time for indoor fun. Make and solve puzzles. Stump your friends with riddles. Build a maze; do crossword puzzles and word searches. Have a pack games night in which families join in for relays, board games, and other cooperative games. Play Cub Scout “Jeopardy”; how much do you know about Cub Scouting? Rediscover some of the games that your parents and grandparents could have played, and work on the Heritages belt loop and pin. Discuss why playing by the rules is important. The pinewood derby is a good opportunity to learn about rules and good sportsmanship. It’s a great month to work on the Chess belt loop and pin.

Our Pack will be joining a pack from Elkhorn to do our Pine Wood Derby in March. I will be posting more information as I get it.


Cub Scout Pack 1225
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