Leader Training

Every boy deserves a trained leader.  Training insures that boys get a quality, fun-filled program.  Trained leaders have a positive influence on their lives.  At the same time, leaders enjoy the feeling of self-satisfaction that comes from knowing that their efforts are truly worthwhile.

The Boy Scouts of America influences the lives of boys, which depends on their leader's understanding of program and their responsibilities.  With trained leaders, boys receive the program based on the aims, methods and values of Scouting.

There are two areas of Cub Scout Training.  The first is the basic training that all leaders need to take.    There are four parts to the basic training:

  1. Fast Start
  2. New Leader Essentials (NLE)
  3. Cub Scout Leader Specific
  4. Youth Protection

The second is supplemental training.  Supplemental training provides specialized leaning experiences and fills the gaps to make us the best leaders we can be.   There is a wide variety of supplemental training regularly available:

Pack Leaders' Meeting
Pow Wow / Rendezvous
Jungle Book
Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)
Outdoor Webelos Leaders (OWL)
Trainer Development Conference
Five Star University
Wood Badge
Other Learning Sources

For the latest news and the current training schedules please visit the Potawatomi Area Council Training Committee Web Site.


Fast Start

The Fast Start training video is designed to give the new leader an introduction to Cub Scouts and idea of what they have to look forward to within the first or second week after they have signed up.  The video gives leaders information on planning and conducting their first meeting, and even demonstrates one they can use.  Five segments are included in the video:

Tiger Cub Den Leader
Cub Scout Den Leader
Webelos Den Leader
Pack Committee

The Fast Start videos are available for loan from the Pack Trainer.  Fast Start training is available on-line.

Click here to access on-line Fast Start training.

New Leader Essentials

Leaders should attend training as soon as they can after becoming leaders in Cub Scout program.  The goal is to have all leaders fully trained.  This training has two component; New Leader Essentials and Cub Scout Leader Specific.  The two training sessions are normally held sequentially at the same event.

New Leader Essentials introduces the values, aims, and methods of Scouting.  It addresses how these aims and methods are reached in an age-appropriate progression within Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting, and Venturing.  Videos, discussions, and hands-on exercises are presented during the training session.  Leaders complete New Leader Essentials training only once during their entire service as a scout leader.

Cub Scout Leader Specific

Leader Specific training provides the specific knowledge a new leader needs to assume a leadership role.  Because each course is designed for a specific leadership position, the training time varies.  Leader specific training has been developed for the following Cub Scout positions and their assistants:

Tiger Cub Leader
Den Leader
Pack Committee Member
Webelos Leader

Youth Protection

The Boy Scouts of America has adopted a number of policies aimed at eliminating opportunities for abuse within the Scouting program.  These policies focus on leadership selection and on placing barriers to abuse within the program.

Youth Protection training is available on-line.  You must be a registered scout leader from the Potawatomi Area Council to access this training.  The training takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour. At the end of the training there is a 25 question multiple choice test.  Upon satisfactory completion of the test you will need to provide the "Organization Name"  - Potawatomi Area Council - and your name, address, date of birth, email address, phone number and registration number.  If you do not have your registration number, leave that blank.  You will also be asked to download 3 documents:

  1. Child Abuse Reporting Procedures for our area
  2. An thank you  letter from our Scout Executive, Mark Jansen
  3. Youth Protection Guidelines (in English or Spanish)

Click here to Access Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection training also extends to the youth members too.  There are video tapes available for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts youth members.   For Cub Scouts, It Happened To Me is a video (AV-09V011) training program developed for the 6- to 9-year-old male audience. 


Pack Leaders' Meeting


Click here for more about Pack Leaders' Meeting.





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Pow Wow/Rendezvous

Pow Wow/Rendezvous is an adult learning experience for all Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venture Leaders and Commissioners. Different sessions are held throughout the day, usually on a Saturday in November, about various topics to help the Scout leader with ideas on how to improve regular meetings and also to improve special events or ceremonies.  Cub Scout items covered may include games, songs, Tiger Cubs, health and safety, Sports and Academics, belt loops and pins, crafts and many other topics.

An absolute must event for the leader who believes they can never stop learning new methods and ways to improve their unit's program.  Pow Wow/Rendezvous can help anyone, no matter what their experience.

Jungle Book






Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO)

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation, BALOO, is a one-day training event that introduces parents and leaders to the skills needed to plan and conduct pack outdoor activities, particularly pack camping.  BALOO includes information on preparations for camping with Cub Scouts, site selection, parent involvement, health and safety, equipment, feeding, and introduction to outdoor skills.

BALOO training is required for any adult who is in charge of planning a pack campout, and it is recommended that one adult per pack complete BALOO training.

Outdoor Webelos Leaders (OWL)

Outdoor Webelos Leader, OWL,  training is designed to for Webelos Leaders so that they can teach basic outdoor skills to their Webelos Scouts.  Scouts taught these skills are better prepared to crossover to Boy Scout Troops and stay in the Scouting program longer.  All Webelos leaders should take this course and if possible, future Webelos leaders should take it as well. 


OWL training is designed to provide Webelos Leaders with the information and skills needed to conduct a successful Webelos outdoors program.  Incorporating the adage "Scouting is Outing", the course is conducted out-of-doors, rain or shine. The basic outdoor skills of cooking and sanitation, campfires, knots, woods tools, first aid, fire building, selecting campsites, tents, bedding and weather are taught in the program. The emphasis is on "Hands-on" Training.

This course is required for the Webelos Den Leader Award.

Five Star University







Trainer Development Conference

The Trainer Development Conference is designed to develop and improve the skills of the veteran and prospective trainers as well as any scouter or camp staff member who does presentations in front of groups.  The conference incorporates numerous contemporary training techniques and emphasizes the importance of experimental learning, or "learning by doing."  In  most instances, the training sessions mot only demonstrate good training methods, but also give participants an opportunity to interact and practice what they have learned.

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is an ultimate scout leader training experience originated by Baden Powell, founder of the Scouting movement.  "One of the purposes of Wood Badge training is to get people to think about the practice of Scouting, to meet together, to exchange experiences, and to live together in the Spirit of the Scout Oath."

Wood Badge is six days to experience the learning and practicing of leadership skills.  The first part of the course reflects unit meetings, while the second part uses a unit camping activity.  You do not need to be an experienced camper to participate.  Enough help is provided so you will enjoy the experience.  As a result of your participation, you will view scouting as a family or interrelated programs that provide age-appropriate activities for youth.  You will apply the skills you learn as a member of a successful working team.  You will revitalize your commitment by sharing in an overall inspirational experience that will help provide scouting with the leadership it needs to accomplish its mission on an ongoing basis.

Any adult scout leader 21 years old or older  may attend Wood Badge.  All participants must have completed New Leader Essentials and Cub Scout Leader Specific training before participating.

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Philmont Scout Ranch is the Boy Scouts of America's premier high-adventure base.  Philmont challenges Scouts and Venturers with more than 200 square miles of rugged New Mexico wilderness.  Adults have unique opportunities at the Philmont Raining Center.  World-class courses and seminars cover all aspects of scouting, all amid Philmont's dramatic scenery.

Serving as the national training center for the Boy Scouts of America since 1950, the Philmont Training Center (PTC) provides a unique environment for the training of volunteer and professional leaders.  Each year, more than 6,000 Scouters and family members  attend PTC.  While a Scout leader is in a summer conference, programs are planned for all members of the family, from infant through adult.

Each conference features the latest tools and techniques, audiovisuals, discussions, idea sharing, and activities led by a faculty of experienced Scouters.  Invitation to these conferences is upon recommendation of the local council or a national committee.

Click here for the official site and  here for more about Philmont.

Other Learning Sources

Cub Scout Program Helps. This document provides extensive assistance in planning meetings and activities for Cub Scouts. Detailed plans, material lists and how to is supplied to assist the Den Leader and Cubmaster.

Cub Scout Leader How-To Book. The "big book" of ideas for crafts and activities. This book contains more ideas than you can put to use in a year. Games, crafts, skits, songs, stunts, stories, tricks, puzzles, nature, outdoor activities, awards, and more.

Cub Scout Fun Book. Forgotten how to have fun? This book will help. Lots of activities that are not only fun, but the activities help the boys earn their advancement awards and arrow points.

Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs. If you need a flag or advancement ceremony, this is a great resource.

Scouting Magazine - Official BSA Scout leader publication

Cub Scout Activity Guide (US Scouting Service Project)

Baloo's Bugle - A Cub Scout Leader electronic magazine