Leader Resources

bulletLeader Training Information - learn how to be a better leader
bulletDens - den organization and leaders
bulletDocuments and Graphics - common documents and graphics used by the pack
bulletCub Scout Camping - how to go camping as a Cub Scout
bulletCommunity Service - giving back
bulletBeyond Cub Scouts - Boy Scout Troops and Venture Crews in Menomonee Falls
bulletCub Scout Internet Sites - great resources on the net
bulletInternet Searches - common search engines


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Cub Scout Internet Sites

Boy Scouts of America
scout stuff
U.S.Scouting Service Project
Scouting the Net
The Cub Scout Roundtable
Roundtable Handouts
Baloo's Bugle
Trax Spreadsheets

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Internet Searches



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Dogpile. All results, no mess.
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